donderdag 14 juni 2012

Lensquilt (lerusisik) en 2 affo,s

Hard gewerkt aan de optische illusie.
Most work is done concerning  the "lensquilt".
This model is from Lerusisik. She wrote "
And then it started. Everybody seemed to feel free to make the quilt WITHOUT a word about being a copy and then send this copy to a quilt contest. I've seen at least three of such quilts in various European quilt magazines - WITHOUT a word about me and about not being original. At the same time american quilters discovered this Website, read it (mostly with translator programs) and started to make copies. Some of them referred to the original website, some (more) not.
Moreover, I've not only received positive feedback. I've been told that it's Vasarely (believe me or not, I didn't hear this name before). I've been told that it's only a copy (what could I say? I still have all my CorelDraw scetches). I've been told that everybody in Russia, in Japan and everywhere else makes such or similar quilts.
The result: I'm still a quilter but I don't update my website I liked so much, for I'm afraid all my new models with free patterns will be copycatted without a word about the author. I do not want this happening again and again"

Een wandkleed afgemaakt van 4 blokken van een bom van Claudia.    
Finished a wallhanging of 4 blocks from a Bom of Claudia.

Heb 40 kleine huisjes gemaakt en 1 grote. En zo kreeg ik dan onderstaand wandkleed.
Made 40 small houses and 1 big one, 

Ben begonnen om wat blokken van de Dear Jane en de Midgetblocks aan elkaar te naaien.
Started to connect some Midgetblocks and Dear Jane,s.